Why Spanishtime?

Spanish is an official language on four continents and is the native language in 21 countries. With some 500 million speakers, Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. The sheer number of Spanish speakers and their rate of growth makes learning Spanish a smart choice for business, travel, and your children's future!


Who We Are

Meet Shari, Spanishtime’s Founder and Director 

Shari Valenciano is no stranger to Spanish—it’s her passion for the language, people and culture which allow her to do what she loves! Shari has taught Spanish as a second language for over two decades and she is now focused on offering quality bilingual educational resources to enhance your bilingual adventure. These enrichment materials are intended to help dual language learners, new students, teachers, parents, and anyone wanting to further their skills and enhance their experience with Spanish. 

Shari began learning Spanish at the age of fourteen. In college, Shari was so driven to learn the language and speak fluently, it became her life goal. At twenty-one, she became fluent while studying abroad in Spain. She understands the struggle learning a second language is for adults and children alike. Shari has walked in your shoes (or walked in that space) and overcome the challenges learning a second language can bring.

It’s this passion and determination which allow Shari to connect with both English and Spanish speaking clients—children and their parents, adult students, native and non-native speakers alike. She loves bringing these worlds together in order to guide you on your Spanish language journey!

When Shari has the time, she loves to travel to her “zen” place, Costa Rica. She met her husband there and her frequent journeys there have allowed her to experience so much of the rich culture, language, nature and sights she holds dear.

Shari believes that learning Spanish should be fun and exciting. She hand picks the items in the store to help introduce beginners to the Spanish language as well as reinforce the advanced students’ vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking skills in their dual language immersion learning. You have to use it, so you don’t lose it.